IVC staff.

Our Staff in India

International Village Clinic has 45 full-time staff in India who carry out its programs.

Meet Our Staff in India

Dr. Pathak

Dr. R. K. Pathak is IVC's chief physician and heads the curative department. Dr. Pathak joined IVC in 2003. He has been a pillar for the organization, devoted to IVC and his job. He has a passion for serving the poor and the needy and is a great communicator with patients. Dr. Pathak received his medical degree in 1968 and practiced medicine in a private practice in a small village. When asked why he wanted to come to IVC, he answered that he had heard so many good things about IVC from patients and people living in his area that he decided to come and talk to us. Dr. Pathak is a family man, with a wife and three children.


Dr. Maruya

Dr. S. K. Maurya is a young, ambitious physician. He came to IVC in 2009 and has become an integral part of our curative program. Asked why he wanted to move from his city job to be a village physician Dr. Maurya responded that he wanted to get experience practicing in a village environment while he was young because at some point in life he wants to start a practice in the village where he was born. Dr. Maurya lives at IVC's residential quarters in Marufpur with his wife and a young daughter


Dr. Ashraf

Dr. Nadeem Ashraf is the head of IVC's preventative program. He joined IVC from day one of our clinic opening in Marufpur, India. At that time, he was a young man of 22 years and didn't exactly know where he was headed. He did want to pursue a career in healthcare. He has proved himself to be an ambitious, hardworking employee and has been a key figure in the expansion of our preventative health care program. Dr. Nadeem is married and has two young children.



Sulochna Devi is IVC's hospital nurse. Sulochna's story is simply amazing. Sulochna came to us in 2003 as a cook in our staff mess. She was totally illiterate at 32 years old. She had a family, with an equally illiterate, unemployed husband and five young children, aged two to thirteen years. Just a year later, her husband passed away. She worked full time at IVC, got educated, raised her five children and became a nurse at IVC. Please read the December 14, 2005, IVC newsletter for her life story. It is a truly remarkable story.