Photo and Video Galleries

Photo gallery

Our first photo gallery, below, includes a number of pictures that retrieved from our earlier website. They are available for direct download via IVC's Picasa account. Please feel free to visit our account and download images that you may use to help promote IVC. We have two requests: (1) Please keep us informed about what you're doing to help spread the word! and (2) Please include the following attribution when using photos we've posted: "Photo courtesy IVC -"

More to Come

We look forward to posting additional photo galleries to provide higher resolution pictures on the following topics:

IVC Activities

  • Mobile Clinic Pictures
  • Vaccination Clinic Pictures
  • Prenatal Checkup Pictures
  • Polio Eradication Program Pictures
  • Emergency Service Pictures
  • Ambulance Service Pictures
  • IVC's First Anniverary Pictures
  • US Visitors to the Project

Special Clinics

  • Hydrocele Surgery Pictures
  • Pediatric Clinic Pictures
  • Gynecology Clinic Pictures
  • Dental Clinic Pictures

Video gallery

Please visit our YouTube Channel for access to video footage of IVC activities. Here is our first uploaded video: