Curative Program

The IVC's proactive curative program encompasses efforts to cure disease and illness, and to treat medical conditions. The program includes:

  • Mobile clinics.
  • Screening patients for serious illnesses, such as heart diseases, cancer, orthopedic irregularities, blood diseases, eye diseases and kidney diseases.
  • Emergency transportation to the nearest city hospitals, using our ambulance service.
  • Treatment of common diseases including fever, malaria, tuberculosis, joint pain, gastroenteritis, anemia, parasite complications, respiratory diseases and infections.
  • Special clinics for previously screened patients requiring the care of medical specialists. For example, each year since our inception, we have held special clinics for pediatric, gynecological and eye diseases as well as hydrocele surgery.
  • Two in-patient wards- a 6 bed female ward and a 6 bed male ward
  • 24/7 emergency service at our Marufpur clinic.
  • Diagnostic services: X-ray, Ultrasound, ECG.

Preventative Program

The preventative program supports the ongoing wellness of its participants through vaccinations, nutrition, education, childbirth services and family planning.

  • Currently serving 48 villages, with plans to expand to 100 villages in two years.
  • An effective vaccination program for polio, tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis, cholera and other such diseases.
  • A well-balanced nutrition program for children and pregnant women with vitamin, protein and other nutritional deficiencies.
  • Basic health education seminars.
  • Baby delivery and preventative and educational maternity services.
  • Family planning services (e.g., education, contraceptives, tubal ligation).